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  • Also Known As : Cytheria
  • Ethnicity : Caucasian
  • Nationality : U.S.A  
  • Year Of Birth : 1981
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  • ynnek :The first time i had a girl squirt was when I was going down on her. I had no idea what happened and was afraid to ask until the next day. I was only 17 and was still basically clueless. Since then I have induced many more women to squirt and the sheets were never like when my kids were younger and would wet the bed - there was no smell at all! So yes, according to my personal experience, I would have to say that no, it ain't pissing!

    • August 6 at 7:35pm •

  • JackHandy :Who cares? This site sucks! Unless you like ancient, grainy videos full of ugly skanks.

    • June 5 at 6:00pm •

  • jigalo :yeah i had a girl that squirt. shit feels amazing when your inside. sexy squirting nympho. that's my kind of pornstar

    • February 10 at 3:14am •

  • goishen :Good god, two more from this sure-to-be classic from porn. I *LOVE* this woman. Pussy o' Steel is what they should call her.

    • January 20 at 6:07pm •

  • Smartguy :Anyone who thinks that is piss needs to look in an anatomy book. It's not even coming out of her urethra. Which is where you pee from if you don't know.
    Go look up some actual pissing porn then come back and watch these. You'll see the difference.
    All that aside; Freaking amazing woman. Easily one of the hottest stars out there IMO.

    • January 13 at 6:05pm •

  • PornJay :GooDDD!!! She pees like my DDooggg....;)

    • December 20 at 12:47am •

  • Hero77 :i've made girls squirt with g-spot play. not many can do it, but a few can. it's real. it isn't piss.

    • November 28 at 7:50pm •

  • BrianGriffin :Thank you! Now everyone knows you're a moron.

    • September 9 at 4:32pm •

  • goishen :First of all, piss is yellow! Look at this, none of it's yellow. It's all clear. Second of all, who the HELL can piss this much? If I take a leak more than twice in 6 hours something is wrong. Third, it *IS* possible for a girl to piss while she's having sex, but only if something's seriously wrong with her. Fourth, if that writhing body and contorted face and those fuck me eyes are bad acting, well, then hell, must'a fooled me.

    • September 8 at 5:59pm •

  • blueboy1 :she does nothing for me.

    • September 8 at 2:49am •

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