• Kelly Wells

    Kelly Wells


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Body 8.97
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Kelly Wells

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  • NextLoad :What A SLUT!!!

    • August 18 at 1:52pm •

  • PornJay :WoW!!!...she is gorgeous!!!

    • June 28 at 6:27pm •

  • CleanUpGuy :This whore is the bomb. Nothing is too intense or nasty for this slut

    • May 28 at 1:09pm •

  • NextLoad :Kelly, you put the -ed in perverted. You are a PornGoddess with no limits. Keep reaching Baby!

    • May 18 at 8:31am •

  • NextLoad :The copious amounts of cum that I have watched slide down Kelly's throat, for years, simply blows my mind! No matter how many dozens of fat chunky loads are deposited, you always are begging for more and more cum. This loads for you.

    • May 18 at 8:28am •

  • NextLoad :Kelly, I nominate you to write the porn star manuel and set the bar for future porn queens. I know you would agree with me that a true porn queen relishes films that include have large cocks pumping the ass, pussy, and mouth at the same time. And that cum is indeed a protein shake that you guzzle and say"Thanks-Next Please!"

    • May 9 at 1:53am •

  • NextLoad :Kelly, you have already described yourself better than even me(a perverted porn addict), In one flick you stated"I am a human urinal"! Baby, your boundries(if you have any) are my boundries. You may be the porn queen that discovers levels of perversion that scared most pornstars. Kelly, take me there.

    • May 9 at 1:43am •

  • lovWhenSheSwallows :Kelly is a Man-eating Goddess! She is One of my Favorites I love her and look forward to seeing her swallow her fed "Girl-Power Protein" for years 2 cum and she becomes a Hot Swallowing M.I.L.F! :)

    • April 23 at 2:43am •

  • urbanknight1 :I like the enthusiasm. She could coax the cum out of a cock through talk alone. Facial expressions and especially toe curling, toe pointing and other forms of foot expression all play into how convincing she is. Not all high energy babes are convincing, but I find her pretty convincing. I'd like to see her do more analingus and passionate pussy eating. She's good...

    • October 14 at 3:15am •

  • WayneBrandywine :Is there such a thing as being "too into it?" She tests this question. So enthusiastic she seems like she's overacting. I know what you're saying, it's hard to get one that's too enthusiastic (what with so many dead-body sluts that just lay there), but it's kind of distracting and inauthentic.

    • October 5 at 11:17pm •

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